Read what our Airbnb guests had to say about their stay...

"Highly recommend"

—  Annabelle, January 2017 

“I cannot recommend this place more"

— Sonia, January 2017


"Villa Merida is a stunning place! You should come and visit!"

— Engelbert, January 2017


"We would definitely stay here again."

— Michele, January 2017


"The house is amazingly beautiful and rooms are comfortable and stylish. The ambiance is really warm and relaxing. I would definitely recommend to stay here."

Giulia, December 2016


"The colonial mansion was stunningly beautiful. We hope to return soon!"

— Jill, December 2016


"We will definitely be staying at Villa Merida again!" 

— Alfredo & Andrea, December 2016


"The Villa is beautiful spacious place. We will definitely be back! 

— Yvonne, December 2016


"La casa es maravillosa; se vive una paz increible.

— Martha, December 2016


"This place is a dream, absolutely stunning!

— Molly, December 2016


"Beautiful beautiful place. We highly recommend this place! 

— Yuan, December 2016

"Beautiful villa! I'd definitely recommend this place to friends"

— Joy, January 2017


"Fantastic stay! Perfect for couples. Would definitely stay here again."

Elizabeth, January 2017 


"We loved everything about this place. We would go back in a heartbeat." 

— Dawn, December 2016



"The hacienda was so beautiful and everything is very well furnished. I was our best stop in the Yucatan." 

— Mary, December 2016


"The Villa Merida is an amazing and very beautiful house. I highly recommend this place" 

— Sylvia, December 2016


"A true gem in Merida. We felt like princesses!" 

— Eugenie, December 2016


"La propiedad es espectacular. La habitación muy cómoda."

— Jessica, December 2016


"This house was everything I was hoping it would be!

— Fernanda, December 2016


"This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed. I would highly recommend staying here.

— Cara & Alex, December 2016


Press Reviews

A few accolades Villa Merida has received from the press...